Nov 05, 2018

The extruder is a venting extruder, and the function is to re-knead the crushed plastic which is crushed, cleaned and dried, and then heated to a molten state, and then extruded into pellets.

Because the source of waste plastic products is more complicated, there are many types of mixed materials, and there are many volatiles, moisture and other components in the materials. Therefore, it is more suitable to use a vented extruder.

The vented extruder mixes and melts the waste plastic, and the shape of the material is relatively special. Therefore, it is necessary to use a spiral forced feeding device; a filter is added in front of the barrel, and the molten material is extruded through the perforated plate and then pelletized. The waste is returned to the product after being extruded and cooled by a water tank, and then pelletized.

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