PE Cool And Hot Water Pipe Making Machine Production Line

PE Cool And Hot Water Pipe Making Machine Production Line

Product specifications: 63Ø ,75Ø, 90Ø,110Ø ,125Ø (or custom user selected) Application: it is widely used in agricultural planting, garden gardening, public afforestation and water saving irrigation of greenhouse greenhouses. Special single screw extruder for polyolefin, having high extruding velocity and effective plasticization. Separation mixing screw specialized for polyolefin....

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Quick Detail:

1. Plastic water pipe production line consists of SJ series extruder,mould,vacuum tank,spraying cooling tank,haul-off,cutting machine and stacker.

2. Plastic water pipe production line is mainly used in the area of agricultural water supply system, architectural water supply system, pavement of cables, etc. 

3. With special device, it can produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe, and core layer foaming pipe, etc. It can also produce PP,ABS,PPR,PEX, silicon core pipe and pipe material of other material. 

Introduction of PE Plastic Pipe Production Line:

1.The extruder adopts variable frequency control, which can ensure stable operation, easy adjustment, reduce energy consumption, reduce cost and improve production efficiency.Extruder, machine head and traction adopt integrated vertical cabinet to facilitate the centralized control and adjustment of the whole set of equipment.

2. The screw of the extruder adopts 38CrMoAlA high quality nitrided steel, which has been forged, tempered and nitrified, and adopts the unique screw form, which makes the raw material plasticized better and the extrusion effect better.

3. The water-immersion vacuum sizing forming device is adopted, and the spray and water-immersion cooling method is combined to ensure high precision and even thickness of the hose;

4. Caterpillar traction device and frequency conversion speed regulation are adopted to ensure the flatness and stable production of the hose;

5. Double - station center lifting force is adopted to control winding.Vertical or parallel winding method can be adopted according to the different pipe diameter of the product.



Main Technical Parameters:







Range of pipe dia.




Installed capacity(approx)




Dimensions(L×W×H) (approx)




Total weight(approx)




Application of PE Pipe Extrusion Production Line:

This machine mainly use for producing various diameter PE pipe.

Deliver , shipping and serving of the pe pipe production line:


Packing and Shipping:



1. Q: Why do I choose your company?
A: 1) We are one of the leading manufacturers of extruder machinery .
2) Our company has made extruder machine about 14 years with strong experience and advanced technology.
3) Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price. 1 year guarantee and lifetime maintenance
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Q: What should we prepare for Machine ?
A:You should prepare raw material, workshop, water line, electric line, compress air(if you need I can help you buy air compressor).
We would supply workshop layout drawing for you.

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