• PVC Garden Soft Pipe Production Line

    1. PVC fiber reinforced hose extrusion line is to produce PVC fiber hose, It has three layers, the inner and the outer layer is plastic material and the middle layer is fiber strength net.
    2. It has good mechanical property and chemical property, which suits for the...
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  • PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

    The extrusion lines equipped with two extruders for two layer co-extrusion, stable extrusion, excellent plasticization. Imported ratio-adjusting valve adjusts forming pressure stable and reliable.
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  • PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

    Corrugated pipe from PVC Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line has the features of light weight, high corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and cold and nor resistance. It is widely used in such fields of communications, electric wire&cable laying and agricultural...
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  • PET PP Strap Band Production Line

    Single screw or twin screw technique for option depending on the requirement. 100% recycled flakes can be used for production. Even plasticization and stable extrusion with PC automatic control for the full line.
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  • PET Packing Belt Strap Band Production Line

    Aorui strapping making machine is composed of forced extruder (main machine), cooling tank,1st stretching unit,wind heat stretching oven,2ND stretching unit,character printer, embossing machine, light-heat shaping oven, water tank for shaping, 3rd stretching unit and light...
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  • PET PP Strapping Band Making Machine

    1. Raw material: Recycled PET bottle flakes (or PET pellets)/PP granules
    2. Final Product: PET PP strap
    Width: 9mm-25mm Thickness: 0.6mm-1.5mm
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  • PET PP Packing Belt Strap Band Making Machine

    This production line adopts advanced technology to produce with compact structure, easy operation, efficient automation. It is suitable to be used as PP,PET tape (strap band) production, which is in accordance with the SG243-81 criteria.
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  • Plastic PET PP Strap Band Making Machine

    The machine can produce different size of PP,HDPE virgin or recycled split-film, flat film, cable filler which is widely used in binding twine, packing twine, plastic rope. The machine has the characteristic of long life span, easy operation, easy maintenance. The products...
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  • WPC Foam Board Production Line

    1. WPC building templates are extruded through high temperature, high pressure and melt based on the material of PVC and wood fiber powder and some chemical auxiliary additives.
    2. The System configuration of wpc construction templates production line
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  • WPC Construction Board Production Line

    PVC Foam Board Production Line is made and designed by our company through many years experience involving in manufacutrring PVC free foamed board production line and PVC Crust Foamed Board Production Line .
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  • WPC Skinning Foam Board Production Line

    Our extrusion line adopts Celuka foam technology, which can produce a kind of PVC/WPC foam boards with superior quality. These processes result in a "skinning" or outer layer of foam board and it achieves excellent surface hardness, rigidity and toughness and more...
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  • PVC Free Foam Board Production Line

    PVC crust foamed plate has such characteristics as sound separation sound absorption The materiai is incombustible,it is safe for use. All series of products have property of weathering proof,its luster may remain forever,it is not easy to be ageing.
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