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company news about The history of Plastic Extruder

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Company News
The history of Plastic Extruder
Latest company news about The history of Plastic Extruder

Plastic extruder:

   In plastic extrusion molding equipment, the plastic extruder usually called main machine, and its supporting follow-up equipment plastic extrusion molding machine is called auxiliary machine.After 100 years development, the plastic extruder machine not only has single screw, also has double screw and multiscrew extrusion machine.Plastic extruder machine can equipped with plastic pipe,board,sheet, profile,strap band, granulating and other auxiliary machine, so whether now or future, it has wide application.


Early application:

  The extruder originated in the 1800s, the manual piston extruder for seamless lead pipe manufactured by Joseh Bramah of England in 1975 is considered the world's first extruder.Since then, in the first 50 years of the 19th century, extruders were basically only used in the production of lead pipes, the processing of macaroni and other foods, the brick making and ceramic industries.


Wide application:

  In the development process as a manufacturing method, the first time that R was clearly recorded. In 1845, Bro o o m an applied for a patent for the production of Gutebo glue wires with an extruder.H.Gutebo’s H. B e w l g y subsequently improved the extruder, and in 1851 used it to wrap the copper wire of the first submarine cable between Dov er and Car ai s.In the following 25 years, the extrusion method 13 became more important, and the manual extruder was gradually replaced by the electrically operated extruder.The early mechanically operated plunger extruder produced thousands of kilometers of insulated wires and cables, thus firmly establishing the position of the extrusion method for the production of cables.


  The extruders for cable production in the future are all plunger types, whether they are manual, mechanical or hydraulic. In this production process, the plunger presses the hot gutta-percha into the die with the copper wire, and the gutta-percha is extruded from the die, thus covering the copper wire to form an insulating layer.

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